Family Trees

DNA technology and the ability to test yourself at home has made it so much easier to trace our ancestral roots, and the media has produced several series and documentaries on the subject. Maybe you’ve seen some of your favorite celebrities learn about their ancestors. This has sparked a huge amount of interest and the thrill of discovery of our roots.

More and more of us understand the value of knowing our heritage; we enjoy learning it ourselves and passing this knowledge down between generations. Many people get creative with family trees and they have taken all sorts of forms. From school projects to digitally enhanced designs, family trees are “growing” and deserve a place of pride in our homes.

old photos

Family trees enhance framed photo wall galleries in hallways & stairways. A custom framed family tree in the den or family room is a great way to spark conversation and pass down family history and stories. Stop by and talk to one of our skilled designers to get more ideas on how custom framing can be a part of your family’s story.



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